We don't give up the high standards

Our company depends by full its faith on total quality approach which is consist of institution, product and service quality. Our staff structure, machinery park and the formation of our suppliers has been realized in accordance with our service concept.

This approch, resolutely adopted by senior management is implemented seamlesly by all our employees’ conscious and willingfull participation and by their fastidiousness in application under the supervision of our middle management.

  • Our machines, our tools, our advanced automation which was created by our R&D Department,
  • Our suppliers who are always able to supply products always comply with the specifications,
  • Our staff who implement the quality procedure completely and making the tests meticulously in every phase of the production,
  • Quality Control Department which directly controls or provide control for raw material, semi-finished and end product without disrupting,
  • Our whicles and delivery team who arrenge to bring our Goods to our dealers as packed well in a manner of protecting the Goods from all external factors,
  • Our specialist dealers structure to submit our products to the market,
  • Our personnel who are in effort to conduct the relations of sales and after sales relations smoothly are consisting of our basis of quality chain’s essential and indispensable rings.

Our quality certificates which we got by depending on these principles we have are UL, FM, TUV, ISO 9001:2008, TSEK and GOST.

We are always faithful and committed to move our quality level further up.